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A mystical questGogol’s Devilry

Only one hour. Several players.

The strength of spirit. And a desire to win.

Are you ready?

  • 2-6 players
  • 76 puzzles
  • 60 minutes
  • 4 rooms

You may deny the existence of dark forces. But they don’t care.

Were you hoping to stay safe from devilry? The darkness only needs an opportunity to show itself. Find out the secret of the beautiful girl’s soul before dawn. Complete the ritual of cleansing her dark spirit and the world will remain the same.

You have only 1 hour to solve all riddles, save your soul and defeat the dark forces.

What to expect

60 minutes

to exit the room

A tense atmosphere

one wrong choice and you lose your companion

76 logical riddles

that put you in a dead end

More than 500 details

of room decoration, which create a mystical atmosphere


Romantic offer
Romantic offer

Surprise your other half, arrange an unforgettable mystical and romantic date on the Patriarch Ponds!

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Performance quest
Performance quest

Put your brains and IQ to the test and prove that you’re the smartest.

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1 + 1 = 1,5!

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Fans of Bulgakov
Fans of Bulgakov

Looking to not just spend a fun time with your friends, but also enrich yourself culturally? We support that and offer a literary gift.

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Guests of the capital
Guests of the capital

Dive into the atmosphere of Bulgakov’s Moscow of the 30’s-40’s.

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For groups of friends
For groups of friends

Become a real team, defeat evil together!

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Romantic offer

Quest for two and an unforgettable romantic dinner at “The House on Patriarch Ponds” from 4 000 RUB. 9 000 RUB.

What can be more romantic than being transferred to the atmosphere of Bulgakov’s Moscow of the 1930’s? Or spending an evening on a Ukrainian khutor and later enjoying a wonderful dinner at Moscow’s most magical centre - The House on Patriarch Ponds?

Surprise your other half - take advantage of the romantic offer at a unique price!


4 000 RUB. - Weekdays

5 000 RUB. - Weekends


Visiting one of the quests and dinner under candlelight for two.

Dinner menu for 2 persons:

Salads: Greek or “Verona” salad

Hot dishes: Pasta carbonara, Chicken fillet with champignons or White fish

Assorted juices

*The offer requires reservation at least two days prior. Contact: +7 499 686 10 14

Performance quest (with actors)

Like to get your nerves tickled? Enjoy the feeling when tour blood is pumping adrenalin? Then simply do the following:

Pick a quest to be joined by a set of actors: “The Master and Margarita” or “Gogol’s Devilry”

Choose a date to play the quest

Call us, book the “Performance-quest” (at least 2 days prior to visit) via numbers: +7 499 686 10 14

Pay the advance fee (wirelessly or upon arrival)

Prices for a team of 2-4 players:

Weekdays until 17:30 - 3 500 RUB

Weekdays from 18:45 to 21:15 - 4 500 RUB

Weekends - 5 500 RUB

5th and 6th players are charged 500 RUB each


Completing quests is a piece of cake for you? You can’t live without constant adrenaline? Love getting out of trouble? Is completing one quest a day an easy task for you? Ready to play a second one straight away? Here’s a 50% discount for your next quest!*

*The discount is valid only when booking two quests, as well as playing two quests on the same day.

Fans of Bulgakov

“Bulgakov and his era” - an excursion on the “302-BIS” tram - 500 RUB 650 RUB.

or Visiting the Bulgakov Museum - 150 RUB 300 RUB.

*The discount is valid only if you play one of the quests.

**This offer requires booking in advance (at least 2 days prior) via number: +7 (499) 686-10-14

Guests of the capital

Dive into the atmosphere of Bulgakov’s mystical Moscow of the 30’s-40’s.

We took care of your rest and comfort and developed a unique offer specially for you - visit one of the quests and spend a night at our mini-hotel “Vavilon” (5 minutes from the Kremlin) with a 30% discount.

Attention! This offer is valid when booking in advance (at least 2 days prior to visiting the quest) via number: +7 499 686 10 14

For groups of friends

Become a real team, defeat evil together!

Want to play as a group of four? Don’t forget to fill up beforehand!

Specially for you we have a unique offer: quest + dinner at “The House on the Patriarch Ponds” with a special set-menu:

Price for group of 4:

weekdays - 5 500 RUB;

weekends - 6 500 RUB;


Visiting one of the quests + dinner for group of 4 people

Dinner menu for 4 persons:

Salads: Greek or “Verona” salad

Hot dishes: Pasta carbonara, Chicken fillet with champignons or White fish

Assorted juices

The offer requires reservation in advance (at least two days prior). Contact: +7 499 686 10 14

4 persons is not the limit for us! We are prepared to organize an event of any desired scale for any amount of people, whether it’s a banquet, official meeting or a sit-down with friends.

The banquet’s size is limited only by the amount of your friends.


No one to go with? Assemble your own team

Pick a free date to play now

The quest has been completed by players

20 August
21 August
22 August
23 August
24 August
25 August
26 August
27 August
28 August
29 August
30 August
31 August
01 September
02 September

No one to go with?

Gather your team or evil will be released from hell


  • It’s a game where you need to get out of a sealed room full of riddles and puzzles. You have a time limit of 60 minutes to exit the room.
  • The quest is for a team of up to 4 people, the fee for additional players if 500 RUB each. The maximum amount of players is 6.
  • Everyone is playing on equal terms, therefore knowledge of the books will not give you a sizeable advantage. However, you will be able to appreciate the atmosphere even more, as we did our best to make it as close to the books as possible.
  • The payment is made in cash or by credit card upon arrival, on the day of the event.
  • Apart from payment and a good mood on the day of the event, nothing else is required of you =)
  • The prices range from 2500 to 4500 RUB per team, depending on chosen time and day of the week. On weekdays until 17:30 the price is 2500 RUB, from 18:45 - 3500 RUB, on weekends - 4500 RUB.
  • Your task is to get out of the room in 60 minutes. For your convenience, it is best to arrive 5-10 minutes before the start in order to receive instructions. Also, set aside 5-10 minutes for gathering and discussion after the quest is complete :)
  • Since we receive a lot of novice players, we have set an unlimited amount of prompts. That way, players can adjust the difficulty of the quest according to their level. But be aware that all records are counted only when exiting the room without a single prompt.
  • If you fail to exit the quest-room, you will remain to work as an operator at Schrodinger’s Quest! :)
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What do you need to do right now?

  • Pick a date
  • Assemble a team of players
  • Book a date


Милена 15.04
Я всегда обожала мистику и всё, что с ней связано. Однажды мы с компанией пошли в «Нехорошую квартиру», оказалось, что по соседству открыли квест! На тот момент очень хотели попасть  именно на «Мастера и Маргариту», но на этом квесте уже были гости, но приветливая администратор порекомендовала. Мы с удовольствием посетили его, для нас стало удивлением  огромное количество разнообразных механизмов и крутых наворотов, а также аж 3 романа в одном квесте!
19.04 Марина и Ко
Когда к нам приехали гости из Воронежа, мы долго думали, чем их удивить, сводили на экскурсии в центре, затем посетили театр Сатиры, решили прогуляться в сторону Патриарших и тут к нам подошёл доброжелательный парень с листовками и пригласил на квест…Мы пошли и не пожалели! И наши гости из Воронежа получили незабываемые эмоции
01.02 , Светлана
В свой день рождения я решила заменить посиделки в ресторане на квест, чем очень удивила гостей! Гости были в восторге! Сначала посетили Мастер и Маргариту, затем не удержались и сходили ещё на 1 квест, это было нереально круто! Квесты абсолютно разные, даже сравнивать нельзя, каждый крут по-своему…
Матвей 01.03
Очень динамичный квест! Спасибо огромное организаторам квеста «Мистический мир Гоголя», это было незабываемое путешествие в романы великого писателя!
Тимур и Марина, 14.02
Нас встретила очень приятная девушка Ксения, нас вооружили рацией, на квесте мы воспользовались всего 2 подсказками, старались по-минимуму, было интересно пройти самим. Раньше я не была на квестах и почему-то всегда боялась, что сложно, я не справлюсь, но на самом деле это очень круто и романтично! Всем рекомендую! Поход на квест-лучший романтический подарок ;)
Оля и Серёжа, 01.02
Умеют произвести впечатление! Впервые посетили их квест Мастер и Маргарита в декабре 2016, остались в восторге, когда узнали об открытии нового квеста по романам Гоголя, пришли одни из первых! Посетили вдвоём с девушкой, мнения разделились-ей больше понравился «Мастер», а мне –Гоголь! Рекомендуем эти квесты, ребят, они того стоят!
Ксения Бадябина
На новогодние праздники решили пройти квест Мистический мир Гоголя и не прогадали! Прошли на одном дыхании! Хутор, черти, мистика~ Очень атмосферный и запоминающийся квест) Приятно порадовала цепочка логических задачек, реально всем пришлось пошевелить мозгами) Большое спасибо организаторам, квест супер!
Андрей Зварич
Этот квест действительно уникален! Когда мне сказали, что в нем 2 этажа и для его создания привлекали профессионалов - я конечно представлял разные картинки. Но когда мы его прошли - были просто в шоке! Квест действительно очень крутой и атмосферный! Рекомендую его всем!

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